For over 15 years, the Westpol-Teeuwissen as a leading natural casings producer, offers their customers a broad range of animal by-products. Specializing in pork, but not limited to. Moreover, in our advanced pharmaceutical unit we produce derivative of heparin.
Despite the offer of our natural-knife cut and hand-pulled pork, beef and sheep casings of all calibers and lengths, whether fresh, salted or tubed, we also offer a broad range of pork animal by-products prepared for human consumption. Due to enormous Asian experience in our portfolio, the sales team will be happy to assist your company with any doubts in scope of end-product. Through the whole production and sale process, we work very close with our suppliers and customers to ensure that specification, quality and packaging of nose-to-tail products meet customer requirements.
We are part of the Van Hessen Group – leading global player in the harvesting, processing and distribution of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. The support from such a strong partner with more than 100 years of experience on the international market guarantees access to innovative technologies and modern solutions that directly translate into the satisfaction of our customers.



From the very beginning of our operation, we believe that we must act with slaughterhouses as one, because that is the only way to allow us to retain distinctive nature of production process.


We control a whole process, something none of our competitors do. This unique approach as close as to raw material guarantee our customers fulfilling their needs to achieve a high level of consumer satisfaction.



To be able to successfully offer the highest quality of our products, we continually upgrade our production lines and machines.

We also have modern freezing tunnels and freezers with a total capacity exceeding 120 tons / day.


The headquarters of our company is located in the middle of one of the cleanest regions in Poland – Bory Tucholskie.

We guarantee the Polish origin of our pork which distinguishes us from competition, importing from abroad.


As the one of th few companies in Poland, we control the production process at the slaughterhouses together with our employees, who work on our own machines.

Thanks to that, we are able to guarantee the preparation of the product according to the individual customer specifications with the guarantee of the freshness of the few material.